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Anthony Carpio

Hong Kong Actor - stunt man and Action director

Specialist in Martial Art And Kung Fu design for movies and Film Under the training techniques from Bruce Lee and His Fellow Train mate Mr.Siu Kei Lun

Over 20 years of professional experiences in The movie industries in Hong Kong and foreign films including Hollywood and all over the world

Signed to Golden Harvest and Worked with JACKIE CHAN As Jacky s First JC stunt team for over 10years, Participating stunt and action design in more than 12 movies of Jackie Chan

Including, Police Story 1 and 2, Naughty Boys, Amour of God, Project A2, Inspector wears Skirt 1 and 2, Miracle, Project Eagle, The crime story, City Hunter, Drunken Master 2, Thunder Bolt, Mr. Canton and lady Rose, Twin Dragon, The accidental Spy, and Jackie Chan -documentary 9 My Stunt

Anthony Carpio also heads his own stunt team and act as action director and assistant action director Plus performing as actor in many various styles of movies in local Hong Kong and Foreign movies Including:

"The Dragon" The Bruce Lee Story from USA
"The First Option "directed by Gordon Chan
" Downtown Torpedoes " directed by Teddy Chan
Also directed Jacky Chan film Accidental Spy in Hollywood
Wipe out Once upon a time in China Starring Jet Li
"Purple storm ' Extreme Challenge 2001 and The Final Judgement assisting action
director Stephen Tung Wai

Anthony involved with Other films In Hong Kong and Overseas

e most recent foreign productions in 2001 is " Scooby Doo " which is shot in Australia "The Stunt Woman "shot in Japan "Muscle Heat " shot in Japan
Martial art Choreographer 2002

Latest film in Productions ' Bullet in Your Head " Hong Kong for 2003 main cast and martial art
choreography and more productions in the year 2003 in directing actions

Anthony Carpio was interviewed by various foreign broadcast stations Impact (England) Kung Fu BBC TELEVISION About the MASTER Bruce Lee And performing as Bruce Lee as his imitation

for many movies company in Japan and local advertising companies Anthony Carpio were highly respected for his skills in Bruce Lee's deadly weapon the NANCHAKU

And was invited to performed at the International Bruce Lee Club demonstrations Anniversary in 1999 Also performed at the annual Hong Kong Stuntman associations performers for US screen actor guild member club

Movies plus newly developed action movement and motions with Hong Kong Famous work of Wire team action design for motion movies.