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Yuen Pik Ki

CEO of Ace Hero Film and Entertainment Ltd

A decade of Expierences working with major Labels in H.K. Sony HK. BMG H.K. UNIVERSAL and Major tv stations "TVB' & "ATV" Cable Tv in H.K. Handles all promotional & marketing Stratergies. Also Handles ace hero films Artist Relations.

Ivan Leung

Business Development General Manager
CEO & Director of Multi Real estate project

Created FGA Ltd a platform for an entrepreneur to join up for potential investments projects. Now is Ace Hero Films and Entertainment Ltd business development designer for project funding, providing investment business plans for different multimedia projects as well as expanding business for Ace Hero Films through new Internet strategies.


Elfie See

Event and Marketing Executive

Head of marketing and sales team according to different events and projects.

Silvester See

Executive Producer - Director

Silvester See Wai Yin , Executive producer and all artistic directions and decisions for Ace Hero Films and Entertainment Ltd

30 years in the Hong Kong entertainment business Acted his first film in the Drummer " with Leslie Cheung at the age of 17 and carry on 2 more films at Shaws brothers with actor Andy Lau and Yim Chau Wa from TVB at the age of 18 before signing to Asia Television for 9 years as main actor for the ATV station acted in more than 25 dramas in these years

Released the first artistic rock album Title Crystal Zone in 1989 after winning the Hong Kong original song and band contest at Carlsberg music festival in 1987 Crystal Zone is the first Chinese heavy metal album for China and Hong Kong and most probably in all Chinese societies and shortly after sign on to BMG H.K. for the release of the first ever original English rock album in 1992 Silvester See " Lost in City Life " And carry on to release the first Industrial metal comic concept album in Cantonese and mandarin Title Silvester See project Z " Black Techno " a revolutionary release as this is The first ever underground artist major release in China through Shanghai audio in 1998 and released In Hong Kong in the year 2000 more releases includes Silvester See Crystal Zone' in 1996 and "Addicted To Rebellion " in 2007 Scientific Dragons is Silvester See latest project A Bold challenge to the music world on high definition live recordings as Scientific dragons is the first ever 7.1 surround sound recorded live in an outdoor event To be release in Dec 2011

Music is a natural disease in Silvester as he compose naturally however through the idea of dramas and films is Silvester 's most current activities and his directing started with documentaries, music videos and commercials and tv films and dramas as well as TV variety shows His first feature film is ready to be release in 2011 A children's animal film ' IF U WERE ME "

Sixx Nip

Art Design Director

Sixx Nip , A dedicated wing chun martial artist , a chinese mountain and water painter , has supported the Hong Kong government with his 20 years experiences as an archaeologist when developing lands in hong kong analyzing antiques found during hong kong land development now turning his experiences supporting Ace hero films films development and productions

Daniel Perez

In House DOP specialize in 3D A Spanish artist–editor-for films.

Spanish Artist Cameraman and Editor

Eric Ferreira

Concept sound design Producer

Previously head Audio Manager at Star TV H.K. for over 20years