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Silvester See "Addicted To Rebellion 叛"

1. 生命

2. 永遠屬於我

3. 我愛你

4.War On Terrorism

5. Laster Letter From Afghanistan


7. 失去真愛

8. 破壞的夢

9. 在我們心中

10.Over The Rainbow

11. A Day B4 I Die

12. Crazy For Your Love

13. Ruler Of This Game

Music Style:

Hard Rock

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Group members: for Silveste See "Addicted To Rebellion"

Silvester See on Bass and Vocals.

Mariano Casi on Rythm Guitars and Guitar Solos

David Cheung on Guitar Solo

Frankie Chong on Drums


Guitars , Bass and Drums.


Silvester See "Addicted To Rebellion"


Hong Kong


Silvester See solo album " Addicted to Rebellion released in 2007 all songs connected with ways of rebellions including issues about the 911 war in USA