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AdenosineTri - Phosphate

1. If You Ever

2. Angel

3. Where Are We Going To ?

4. Memories Of Smashing Youth

5. Psychedelic Child

6. Boys

7. Moon Dance

8. Here We Are

9. Rain

10. Dream Away

11. Cracked

12. Gigantic Desire

13. Ballad

Artist description:

Strange but pop, cool but hot.

Music style:

Alternative Musical influences: 80's new wave/70's art rock/60's psychedelic.

Similar Artists:

garbage, cardigans, cocteau twins

Group members:

Taata=Vocals & Keyboards,

Mug=Mongolian Guitar,Bass & Keyboards,

Kaz= Drums

Dr. Sugar=Mongolian Dance&G,



"Animal Talks"&"Diary of Lost Days" (Bazooka), "Sun-Dancer" (BiosphereII)

Press reviews:

"ATP's sound is addictive!" - Japanese PlayBoy magazine.


Tokyo Japan